4 comments on “Researching Blogging (or: Why I’m Convinced the Internet is Trying to Make Me Lose My Mind)

  1. Why not listen to your heart? What you *feel* is right usually is. You don’t need all those words of advice for they only press you into conformity. But the beauty lies into being unique. And your blog will be beautiful when it reflects who you are and when you have fun with it. When you are NOT doing what your are *supposed* to do. When you do with it what YOU love it will show on your blog. It will shine.

  2. You remember all those “rules” about writing fiction that we spend our evenings bitching about? Yeah, I think the same thing goes for blog posts. I think if you just go with what feels right (like was said above), it’ll work best and sound much more real and honest.

    Also… “penis” *snicker*







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