8 comments on “Up and Comings

  1. The warm light from a sun already high in the bright blue skies, lushly green gras and bushes inviting to have some fun outside. That’s what it is here like…on the picture I am looking at. XD

    Can’t wait to have a look into the musings of your lovely brain on romance. I am sure it will be cool! 😀

    Love, joy and peace to you, buddy.

  2. That bunnyyy~~ XD
    I hope the spirits of spring grace your front porch soon my dear. I’m waiting anxiously for the interview! Stay wonderful~ ♥

  3. Hope it warms up for you soon! It’s still bouncing all over the thermometer here…

    Loved that guest post 🙂

    Heh. Nice bunny.

    • Thanks, pickle! I have to keep hoping that spring will finally arrive. If based on nothing else, then on history. XD

      Glad you enjoyed it (the post and the bunny!).

  4. On your musings about romance over at Charlie Cochet’s blog?

    That is why romance in your novels and stories always is so perfect. You create your characters with all their good and bad traits, all their imperfections and you don’t step out of those boundaries. That keeps romance so well balanced in your writing and never let it appear cheesy or ridiculous. That is what makes it so believable and enjoyable to read. 😀

    • Thank you so much! It’s nice to write in a little bit of reality if for no other purpose than the opportunity to present a chance for the heart to overcome it. Thank you for reading, for following and for all the support. *hugs*

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