5 comments on “Eyeing September

  1. Awesome lineup of releases, I’m looking forward to reading them! I’m especially excited about The Gift!

    I’ve been well, just busy and am about to head into my second full week of work since what seems like forever. Yay new job, boo long commute. My own writing has been nonexistent as of late but I’m also trying to get acclimated to a new schedule, so it’s understandable.

    Take care!!!

    • Thank you so much! 😀

      I hope the new job is working out fantastic. Long commutes can be a pain, but they do offer up a nice length of time to gather your thoughts — maybe even work up some new fiction!

      Best of luck with it! ❤

      • Job is good so far, commute is fine. As for writing ideas… True in theory! It’s the wanting to sit down and write after a day at the computer at work that I’ve been lacking. My current projects have been a bit neglected, some more than others! Thanks for the luck! ❤

  2. Did anyone ever told you that yoou are working like crazy? XD

    Summer has been amazing. One of the most beautiful moments was when my soulmate, my lifepartner, after years of studying hard, graduated as Master of the Fine and Traditional Arts. 😀

    Seeing him at the graduation ceremony, receiving his laurels was a mindblowing moment.

    • Who me? Crazy? Of course I am … and no, I’m not grinning wickedly in the least. Heheh.

      You must have been so proud watching him stand up there and accept that honour. What a fantastic moment. Please pass on my congratulations and praise (yet again).

      Here’s hoping that your autumn is just as fantastic as your summer has been. 😀

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