5 comments on “the Gift – now available for pre-order!

    • Thanks, Sara. It’s been a long time coming this one. When things started to go to hell in my personal life, I dug this story out of the closet where it was waiting, dusted it off, and finally rewrote/finished it. A little insight for you: it was actually slated to be my last novel in this genre. Luckily the words were not that easily contained.

      Thanks for the support. I have my fingers crossed that you’ll like it. It’s definitely something different for me.

      • I’m glad the story came in handy in a rough time in life, and that the words are still flowing. Want more more more. Though I’d read non m/m books of yours too.

        Different can be good. I tend to enjoy fantasy and this one sounds like quite an interesting one.

        ❤ *hugs*

  1. Preordered! 😀

    So can’t wait to get my hands on it! It will make for a fantastic and stunning read, buddy. 😀

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