9 comments on “Kelly Wyre – FIGHT – Blog Tour and Giveaway

  1. When I saw Henley, of all people, was involved in this blog tour with Kelly, I had to hold it all in and crawl out of hiatus for this day (just for a short moment) because if there’s something “worth it” for a Wednesday morning, it’s this…

    Now, I have to admit I haven’t ran off to whatever my choice book buying (I just typo’d that as book toying, btw) site is at the moment and pre-ordered this thing simply because I have a pile I just bought that I need to get through. It’s on the next to-buy batch though, certainly.

    Congratulations, Ms. Wyre, on the book release! It sounds absolutely amazing, and Henley’s just making it that much more difficult to fight the damn temptation with his book review on it the other day. So happy to find you out about these parts of the publishing world again =D.

    So, can I be considered entered now? =D (lav.wynter@gmail.com)

    • Of course Henley’s involved in my blog tour. One of our key delights in life is taking advantage of one another…



      If and when you read, I hope you enjoy it, and thank you for the contest entry.

      Have a good one!

  2. Ah this was a really hilarious interview. Love the banter between you two! Fight’s a great book and I think it definitely fits the message Kelly wanted to get across. Being yourself is always for the best even if it hurts getting there.

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