3 comments on “24 Hour Halloween Marathon Chat – Rainbow Gold Reviews

  1. That does sound so exciting, buddy! Wishing you tons of fun with this! 😀

    And you have an awesome talent to make your posts look so awesome! ❤

  2. The plan is to remain cool, calm, and completely collected until then. Wake early, do the usual things I do for a school day, and take a nap. That part’s really important. With 6am wake up calls, staying up till 11pm is… no amount of caffeine will help if there is no nap. See, that’s the plan.

    Now that I’ve made said plan, it will most likely go down like this:

    Get super-excited (like I am right now and awake at 3am). Probably get so distracted I’ll be running late. Then have trouble taking a nap. And then… be an actual z0mbie when I do attend. If I make it to 11pm. XD

    Will be there. Hell or high water. Even if it’s only to proclaim the awesomeness that is Henley before face-planting on my keyboard. *sagely nodding*


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