4 comments on “It’s raining and I should be writing… but.

  1. Hmmm, here’s a bit of something you might find interesting… 😉

    I got so wrapped up in the story the first time I read it, I skipped all the erotic scenes to get to the end. Then I immediately went back and re-read the story the whole way through, again… x3. 🙂

    And I personally think the story is great already without the fun parts, which are some very yummy additions on top of the good stuff. ❤

  2. I have read the story three times now and still find it fascinating. There is always something new to discover! The third round made me think that there is a certain tragedy in your awesome novel. Gerry and, yes I believe even Mark back in the seventies, were so in love with each other. Their breaking up left them both so unhappy and restless the next twenty years. So much lost time, so much love and happiness that did not happen.

    I know, I know, it was necessary! And on the other hand? Good for us reader! 😀 The novel would have ended too soon! XD

    And also good for us? Unlike those Greek tragedies, your’s gave us a happy end! 😀

    What will never cease to amaze me? You managed in such an great way to bring closer to us those wild seventies. 🙂 I mean, each time, they feel so real! You did not just describe the world back then but also how and what people where thinking in those times and how lonely they were outside the world of glitter. On the other side were those keeping to the traditions of living a humble life and work hard. These two sides complement your setting for the 70’s perfect and made them so believable. 😀

    By the way, hope that the weather will change during the day and return to the wonderful summer days you had before!

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