9 comments on “This too we shall overcome … eventually

  1. This is awful! Won’t you eventually get the rights to your books, or are they just…gone? I hope not! I’ve been a fan for many years! I will be thinking of you and hoping your find a new ‘home.

    • Thank you so much! Your kindness is, and has always been, an absolute pleasure. ❤ ❤ ❤

      As for my books, yes, LT3 has been absolutely fantastic about rights reversion. Honestly, they've proven themselves to be fantastic even with this whole process. Just another reason that I hate to see them go. 😦

      Because of that, I still officially own the books, they just aren't available anywhere. I will definitely keep an eye out for a new home for them, though. 😀

  2. If only I had the money, expertise, fortitude, and money to set up my own publishing company. Sadly I do not.

    Great to hear you’re still looking for a decent replacement and hopeful for many more adventures. I hope for the absolute best for you. Keep being awesome.

    • My own publishing house is still a dream of mine. One day it will be a thing. 😀

      Regardless, thank you for your support and kindness. As always, it’s a pleasure. YOU keep being awesome! ❤

  3. This is so sad, my friend. Crossing all my fingers for you that there is a publisher out there that will really respect and appreciate not only your beautiful work but also you as the author and the wonderful person you are.

    It is also my greatest hope that all the amazing novels you have written so far will continue to reach the hearts of many more readers, buddy. Wishing you all the best and all the good things in the world. Please let me know whenever I can help you.

    All my strength, good vibes, and hopes for a bright future for your awesome work past, present, and future, buddy.


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