6 comments on “And now… the News

  1. Awesome! I may have to repurchase these then. 😀 That’s fantastic news, so happy to hear this.

    I think there is one in this list I don’t actually own….though I could be wrong. I need to verify my backups. But definitely two I don’t recall so I shall have to read them again or for the first time. Better yet, just read them all from the beginning. A fresh start deserves a fresh read.

    Thank you for the sprinkle of joy, the sparkle of love, and the flood many horny men in our lives.

  2. Buddy, we wish you all the success, fun, and happiness in the world for this new chapter in your story! 😃😃😃 We hope it will be as beautiful as the one before.

    *raises glass*

    Here is to a bright, cheerful, and creative future for you, my friend! ❤️😃

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