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M/M Fantasy Romance for the If You’re Reading This Anthology – OUT OF PRINT

Silas’ father had always been distant. Career-focused and single-mindedly pursuing the American dream, he’d provided Silas nearly everything money could buy. Emotionally however, Silas’ early years had been destitute. While that should have left Silas bitter, it merely fueled his own desire to succeed, to be strong. Even with his father’s recent suicide, Silas refuses to succumb to emotionalism – not even as he packs up his father’s belongings and says good-bye. He almost loses that battle however, when he finds what he assumes to be his father’s journal.He’s delighted with it, the written “memwars” of his father as a young boy.

Yet as he begins to walk the paths of the child’s mind laid to paper, Silas is confronted with the startling reality that he never really knew the man; certainly not the young man behind the immature reasoning and the shaky pencil marks.Reliving his father through the creative meanderings of naiveté, Silas is yanked into a world of fantasy that starts to loose the binds on memories well buried. Were the two men not so different at all? Or has Silas immersed himself so deep in attempting perfection that he’s forgotten who he really was?


If You’re Reading This

Messages in a bottle, notes in an old desk, abandoned journals, words lost to time … Less Than Three Press presents a collection of stories about misplaced and long-forgotten words, and the effects they have on those who stumble across them …

When Love Rises Again by Angel Propps
Grandpop’s Legacy by Diana Sheridan
The Lighthouse Keeper’s Son by Cassandra Pierce
MEMWARS! by A.F. Henley
The Wall Between by O.B. Hampton
A Kiss to Let You Know by Annabelle Kitch
Spring Tide by Tami Veldura
Surviving the Fall by Azalea Moone
Reliquary by Mina MacLeod
Connect by Lacie J. Archer
Make More Mischief by J. Hepburn

  • Word count: 165,000
  • Pairings: M/M and F/F
  • Content: Contains some explicit content.

3 comments on “MEMWARS!

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  2. My most heartfelt and cheerful congratulations on Memwars, buddy! 😀

    I am happy to no end that they accepted it!

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