Rocking Hard Volume 3 Cover - Rockabye
M/M Erotic Romance
Serial Fiction for Rocking Hard – Volume 3 Anthology
First Installment started October 2, 2013 to Less Than Three Press’ serial fiction line. Sign up now to enjoy Volume 1 and Volume 2 in the series as well!

Malcolm didn’t have a lot going for him. He wasn’t one of the blessed, or one of the beautiful. He didn’t have many talents. He was, however, a damn good chef. He worked hard and he insisted on perfection – not just from himself but also from everyone else in his kitchen. And if that made others miserable, that was just too damn bad. If one couldn’t live up to expectations then one didn’t belong at Burgeon Manor.

Darien on the other hand, was everything Malcolm envied, hated, and secretly fantasized over. Lean, slim, with a smile that could melt ice and enough charm to woo demons, Darien surprised Malcolm by showing not only interest but also attraction. Surely Darien had to be playing some kind of game? Certainly there was be no way that a rock god like Darien Flint could have honest feelings for a meager, dismal chef?

Yet the more Darien tries to know him, the more Malcolm feels himself being drawn into the lie – with the worst lie being the one Malcolm is telling his own heart… The lie that is insisting Malcolm will not fall in love.

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