the Gift

the Gift – M/M Fantasy Romance Novel
Doren has a gift—the gift of music—and he’s well on his way to becoming the next big thing. What people don’t know is that this particular gift holds far more power than most could ever imagine. But not everyone is blind to it though, and those that know crave that power to dangerous levels.
August understands the differences between right and wrong. Unassuming and quiet, his one goal in life is to make an impact in an industry that’s quickly slipping out of his reach. So when his simple life becomes entwined with Doren’s complicated one, he has to learn a whole new way to survive if he’s going to succeed. Because he is quickly realizing that those with the ability to take will stop at nothing to take it all – even your heart.
Can true love be fostered in a situation hell-bent on destruction and domination?
‘The Gift’ follows the path of a romance ripe with magic and intrigue. Told from many sides, it is a story that leaves the reader to decide if the gifts that make one special are truly blessings or curses, and if lives are merely a game of fate or a series of manipulations that forge truer destiny.


Video by Raphael to whom my thanks will never be enough.

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