Thicker Than Water

Thicker Than Water Cover
Thicker Than Water
M/M Romance
Novella for the Proud to be Vampire Collection – OUT OF PRINT

Ladomer’s first experience with vampires instilled a deep hatred—an emotion he gladly uses to bring destruction to the beasts that can’t be purged from his memory. Hunting alongside the compelling man who saved his village, Ladomer and Zor are ruthless in their quest to stop the growing threat. When a new call pulls them deep into Eastern Europe, Ladomer learns anew just how cruel vampires can be…

And how much deeper love can go.

Thicker Than Water is a novella in Less Than Three Press’s Proud to be a Vampire series. It is now out of print. For copy information, please email me directly at 
Lynn at The Novel Approach Reviews
Nominated for Best Fantasy (Genre)
on the M/M Romance Choice Awards
on Goodreads
MM Romance Best Fantasy Nominee
Enjoy reading about vampires?
Like your stories with a touch more raw angst than romance?
Thicker than Water is the gateway story between the Wolf Series and an as yet unnamed sequel!



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